Pau~Finished, complete, done, over.

  • Yellow Granex No brainer. Easy, delicious. Start seeds in late summer.
  • Shallots Planted in November, red colored variety bulbed up better than yellow variety. Some root rot. Saved cloves to replant in fall. Matured in June/July. (cloves rotted.  Replant earlier next time.)

Beans and Peas
  • Sugar Sprint Paul 4.5.10 Quick to harvest, short vines but small numbers of peas, less sweet compared to SSS. 
  • Dixie Speckled Butter Peas 4.5.10 Continued to produce for nearly a year. Bush habit makes it hard to pick.
  • Potato Bean Planted in November and March, low pod set, disappointing. True bush habit.
  • Red Flowered Asparagus Pea Planting spot too shady, occasional red flower, pretty but small. No pod set. Susceptible to powdery mildew
  • Jade Bean Nice bush bean. Long, round pod, decent production, nice texture/flavor.
  • Musica Bean Sweet, tasty, tender bean but poor disease tolerance. Succumbed to PM and maybe Halo Blight.
  • Opal Creek Golden Sugar Snap Pea  Planted in April, not as heat tolerant as i hoped but at least a season extender. Nice flavor, smallish pods. Saved some seeds to try in the fall.
  • Sugar Magnolia Sugar Snap Pea Planted in April which was really too late. Saved seeds from the most vigorous vines. Good color, slightly bitter undertaste but not unpleasant.
  • Masai Filet Bean  Nice straight, round pods, small plants, beans held well on the plant and did not need to be picked daily. Average taste.
  • Striped Bunch  Half runner habit, vigorous, productive. Straight round pods best picked daily, become tough if left on plant too long. Nice, floral taste when picked small and eaten raw. Excellent for picking.

  • Senposai Pau 3.21.10 Wow, great plant, grew for almost a year, good taste/flavor, little insect damage.
  • Extra Dwarf Bok Choy Pau 4.11.10 so tiny still but trying to bolt. Picked whole with a glimmer of central flower buds. Must use row cover next time. (Evergreen calls this a choi sum so the bolting is expected!)
  • Portuguese Cabbage Tronchudo Good grower but forgetable flavor, texture kind of tough. Better greens out there.
  • Umpqua Brocolli Pulled 9.19 but done for a few weeks already. Early, average side heads, some side shoot production later. Just OK.
  • Rainbow Lacinato Kale.  Slight purple overlay. More strongly flavored than regular Lacinato. OK, good for kale chips, probably better in a cooler climate.
  • Piracicaba.  Huge plant, many, many side shoots persist for a long time. Tender stalks. 
  • Cavili Zucchini. Grow under tulle (winter 09) and agribon (summer 10). Good production but PM appears in a big way at about 6 weeks shortening length of harvest.  Summer 10 grow out troubled with gray mold/botrytis? at about 7 weeks causing the young fruits to grow fuzz and liquefy. No fruit fly damage detected.
  • Diva Cucumber. Grown in SWC, needed larger water reservoir. Got to enjoy three delicious cukes before melon flies starting stinging the young fruit. Maybe trial under cover next time?

  • Lavender Touch Nice, large, heavy fruits with good flavor and decent production.
  • PingTung Lots of beautiful, lavender toned fruit. Sweet flavor. A keeper.
  • Fairytale Disappointing flavor/texture. Nice novelty item or maybe good for a container.
  • Edirne Medium sized, like a fat cucumber. Nice striping. Grew in the shade 
  • Bordeaux Spinach Just OK. Skinny, small leaves, average flavor. Red stems are pretty.
  • Flashy Butter Oak Lettuce Wow, really nice. Buttery and crunchy.
  • Sanguine Ameliore Lettuce Really large lettuce, no wonder it is sometimes called Strawberry Cabbage. Flavor OK.
  • Wrinkled Crinkled Cress Very easy to grow, held for two or three months before bolting.
  • Bietola a Costa Fine Chard Disappointing. Tough leaves, oxalic flavor. Drought tolerant.
  • Saint Valery Carrot Good sized carrot, kept for quite awhile in ground. Not too sweet, slightly resinous taste.
  • Red Cored Chantenay Short, fat carrot. Sweet but complex carrotty taste. Pick between 3 and 6 month. Root knot nematode damage very apparent around the six month mark.

  • Komohana Grape Tomato OK but nothing special. Average disease resistance, average flavor, determinate vine.
  • Plaza Latina Giant Tomatillo. Short lived plant (compared to tomatoes), besieged by Colorado Potato Beetle. Not very large plant, only needs a small cage. Tomatillos range from average sized to about 4 ounces, looking like a green tomato!
  • Snow White  Large vines, prolific production. Bland flavor. Does not keep well.
  • Sun Sweet  Not as prolific as Sungold but can be just as tasty. Tomatoes only get that sugary sweet taste in August/September. Maybe not enough heat in other months?
  • Green Grape.  Good flavor, larger sized fruit. Striking color, especially sliced and mixed with other cherries. Not a big producer.
  • Gardener's Delight.  Poor disease resistance. Fair taste and production. Birds love them.
  • Juliet.  Must allow to fully ripen to get flavor raw. Makes delicious roasted sauce. Plump fruit is a small plum tomato, thick skin, firm flesh, good keeper. Birds deterred by thick skin. Fruit fly damage deterred by thick skin. Keeper.


  • Naranjillo  Let it get pot bound and it never took off transplant. Try again.

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