Friday, May 28, 2010

Ono means delicious

Take some fish, ono is nice. Sprinkle with salt, some turmeric, swirl in a hot pan, reserve. Sizzle wing beans, quench with coconut milk.  Add grape tomatoes, halved. Spice with lime leaves, fish sauce, brown sugar, cilantro, thai basil, a Hawaiian chile pepper, two if you're brave, mmm. Simmer briefly. A squeeze of lime, more fish sauce, the fish returns to the pan. Splash over hot, white, sticky rice. Devour.

You might call it dinner, we call it delicious.

From my garden: wing beans, grape tomatoes, lime leaves, cilantro, thai basil, Hawaiian chile pepper, lime. He harvests the ono from the sea.


Rowena said...

Wing beans! I tried growing them with some seed that I ordered stateside, but my growing season is either too short or not hot enough. Found you through Blotanical so it's nice seeing some gardening on my old home turf!

Julie said...

Rubber slippers in Italy, that's you? i love it ; )

Sorry to hear the wing beans didn't work out but the rest of your garden looks great! Looking forward to seeing more of it.

A hui hou!