Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fee Fi Fo Fum





What do you think will grow from 'um?

I know. They're just seeds. But they are big, so wondrously big, that i had to show them to you now. They might not even sprout. They could get eaten by giant slugs. Anthing could happen, if you think about it.  But don't. Really think about it, i mean. No, for now, for just a minute, Imagine instead.

Good for what ails you.


michelle said...

Fun! Wow, those are huge. Do you grow them for green or dried beans?

Rowena... said...

Those are monsters, but what got me going was the seed packet - Kitazawa! I really miss ordering from them (italian customs didn't allow them through once before), so I have to plan accordingly the next time I go back home. Their catalog has so many goodies!!!

Pomaika`i said...

Wow! I found a reference for anyone who wants to learn about those "sword beans":

Julie said...

Hi Michelle~
i plan to try them green first. The mature beans need special handling to reduce toxicity, at least that's what i read on the web. i also read that one plant can cover up to 400 sf, whoa! Maybe a good green manure choice?

Rowena how awful! Did they confiscate them entirely or just make you wait? I usually check Evergreen first (better prices) but am happy to order whatever i can't get there from Kitazawa.

Thanks for the link Pomaika'i. Not a lot of information out there! Once i get a few green pods i want to show them around a little. Someone is bound to have a story to tell.

Jane said...

Wow Julie those are bigger than the Chaco Canyon beans! One plant must be huge - it will be fun to see how they grow in your garden!

Julie said...

Jane they are truly the largest vegetable seeds i have ever seen! I think i might need a knife and fork to eat them once harvest time rolls around.