Saturday, September 18, 2010

On cleaning and planting fish

I know. Fishing (or more accurately~fish cleaning) is not gardening. But we eat a lot of fish. And i clean all of it. The fish is usually accompanied by vegetables. From the garden. And then holes are dug and the fish scraps are planted. In the garden. Talk about fish fertilizer! I'd show you a picture but who wants to see that?

What i do want you to see is this guy who is just crack with the knife. He is my new hero. Yes, my new hero is a fish cutter. Might be your hero too, after you watch this video.


Mr. H. said...

Ok, he is my hero too.:) I've got to learn to filet a fish like fast and so little waste. One of our goals for next year is to start incorporating some of the sunfish my grandson is always catching into the garden as fertilizer.

Julie said...

Arghh, i embedded the wrong video! Fixed now ; )

Hi Mr. H!

i've been able to take about 10" off my fish cleaning time after studying these videos but i'm nowhere close to 30 seconds per fish!

Sunfish should be the perfect size to work with, looking forward to seeing your results although your garden seems to grow pretty well already! Nice to have a fisherman in the family ; )

Rowena... said...

You're right...I don't need to see that (or should I say that it is my doxie that shouldn't). Last year I made my own fish fertilizer, dug the holes, buried them, then went into town. My husband and I come back and THE DOXIE had found all the buried locations, dug them up and ate all the fertilizer! I was so worried that he would get sick, or have bones stuck in his throat or something but I did puree the heck out of the mix so it must've just gone through him. Never again for homemade fish fertilizer...unless I'm home all day to keep an eye on the weiner dog.

Julie said...

Oh no Rowena! But, yes, i've heard of that happening. A lot! Lucky you pureed that stuff first.

I've been lucky so far...