Sunday, September 4, 2011

2011 Eat Local Challenge

How often have i heard some bedraggled visitor grumbling about spending the day driving all the way to Hana and back?  "The road was terrible and there was nothing to see when we got there" they complain and i feel sad. Hana is magical, it's true, but so can be the journey there.  It is up to the traveler to make the discoveries along the way.

The Kanu Hawaii Eat Local Challenge is for the whole month of September but that doesn't mean you have to be all hard core and commit to eating only locally produced foods for the whole month. Try it for just one day. Or choose to include at least one locally grown/produced item with each meal for a week. Don't think you can do even that? Try anyway. This challenge is like driving to Hana, it's a great destination but there are plenty of discoveries to be made along the way.

Where does your food come from? What can you do without? Do your food choices nourish your community? Find out and sign up for your own challenge here.


Jane said...

At least we would not have to give up coffee! That's so cool that someone organized this challenge for Maui.

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Wait. What???? Nothing to see? Did they forget to pack their sense of wonder???

Julie said...

Hi Jane! I think the challenge is statewide but yes, we are lucky there are many things we would not have to give up. Chocolate, for example!!

L&R~I know, right? The majority get it i think but more than a few miss the whole point. Glad youre one of the ones who get it ; ))

Pomaika`i said...

Aloha, Julie,
So true about the folks who don't take the journey itself as the reason to go to Hana, rather than just impatiently rushing along. My first trip took me all day, even as I had to curtail lot of stops. I will take the challenge in reverse - each day I'll eat something (got jam, coffee, Maui sea salt, brews, da kine) from my future home (Maui), since I have only a month to finish it before I return to stay. We'll see what I can coax from the garden - I planted it in April, so who knows if the peanuts are still waiting to be pulled up. At least the figs and papaya are still there!

Julie said...

I am absolutely not going to ask you about the da kine Barry ; ))