Saturday, September 1, 2012

Once in a blue moon

Resolutions are so overrated, don't you think? This blog has been dark since January and the garden has been skittering along on auto pilot, offering small harvests and lessons on neglect or maybe resilience.  Pipinola, asparagus, limas, kale, volunteer tomatoes, and giant onions have been the main players over the past few months. But now August is moving on and the garden is in need of some serious resuscitation.

It's tempting to overhaul and replant the entire garden at once but i've learned that slow and steady is far more sustainable so i'm taking some time to rearrange my seed collection by moon phase. I'm deluding myself hoping that honoring the lunar cycle will help me stay on top of all the little tasks that go along with tending an annual based vegetable garden. Linda does a great job blogging about that here. Or you can check out the sidebar for tips on planting by the light of the moon.  Which, by the way, is full tonight for second time this month. You probably know that the second full moon in one month is called a blue moon, a rare event. The next one isn't until July 31, 2015. Now there's a deadline i can work with.


Pomaika`i said...

Julie, my next post will close the Tradewinds thing, as I'm moving to a new place in Oregon soon. I haven't even had time to come up with a new blog name, but I hope to put it in the last of my Maui blog, which started slowly, then sorta peters out altogether. I decided the garden needed some whole-area fallow time, which would be evident if I could find my camera, which snuck into one of the packing boxes<*sigh*>. I had only one terrific crop, yellow pear tomatoes, but plans for soil testing, a heiau-style whizbang windbreak, and a full-scale overhaul of the cliffside orchard are now all cancelled. How's the herd doing?

Jane said...

If you experiment with lunar planting I hope you'll post your results. I've not tried it but it makes a lot of sense.

Gardening is a lot of work - there is so much to do. I've been struggling to keep up with my garden this year too.

Julie said...

Wow, Barry, that's big news! Oregon seems like an interesting place, can't wait to read more about that. Hope you will be making it back to Maui at some point.

As for the sheep, they are surviving me. I am up to 4 ewes and 3 lambs in the pasture. Weaning the two ram lambs now and boy is it noisy!

Jane i am always so impressed with what you do. Growing vegetables in containers in Kihei can't be easy! As far as the lunar gardening~i'll be thrilled if the only thing that happens is that more things get planted ; )

Julie said...

I am having so much trouble with Blogger comments lately. They just disappear when i push the publish or save button. I know i left a reply this morning but apparently that disappeared as well. Just happy the last one is showing up, at least for now.
Is there a fix i don't know about?

Rowena said...

I know that I would be a total fail at a lunar planting schedule, but seeing that it never hurts to try something once (well, usually), maybe I can give it a go next season. We shall see how good my memory is then!

Julie said...

Hi Rowena! So far it's helping me by creating some artificial deadlines. There is usually so much wiggle room on planting dates that i procrastinate endlessly. Hoping it will help me with succession planting too. Up to now it's been something i'm just miserable about so there's plenty of room for improvement ; )