Sunday, September 1, 2013

The tradewinds whisper coolly

I turned 50 some time this year and suddenly my hips hurt. A lot. Everyday. Except not right now.  Right  now i feel great. I'm filthy and sunburned and covered in dirt and it's dark and i've just come inside from 9 or maybe 10 hours of squatting and digging and cutting and tilling and, did i mention? I feel great.

So i'm writing this down, taking note, to remind myself that today i was incredibly happy. It seems silly that i should need a reminder but life is busy and days like this are easy to forget. So i promise to remember today, the hot sun in the blue sky lending fire to the mountains as it slides slowly behind them, the big dipper, bigger than i've ever seen it, emerging from the gathering darkness, the lingering scent of bruised green and damp earth as the tradewinds whisper coolly about love and the meaning of life.



Barry said...

Well said! I agree, the moments we have to enjoy, let them not slip away unnoticed. There will time somewhere in the future for soreness and pain, but now is all we have to experience. There is a beautiful poem by Kallidasa that says it so eloquently, as it begins with "Look to this day!
For it is life, the very life of life...."

Julie said...

There was plenty of pain and suffering the morning after this post Barry ; )

Kallidasa is new to me. Enjoyed reading about him and loved the poem!

How's your garden growing?

Titania said...

Hello Julie; new projects in the garden, plenty of digging and the next day plenty of aches in my leg, which had once an accident...c'est la vie this year 75 and I intend to be digging at my 99 birthday!
Happy gardening.

Julie said...

You are my hero Titania! I hope we have many years of digging together ahead of us ; )