Friday, January 24, 2014

As simple as that

Balance the soil, select a variety suited to your conditions, plant in season. A winter garden on Maui can be as simple as that.

Click if you'd like a closer look!

I offer this beautiful Romanesco as an example. No aphids, no cabbage worms, no spray. It's quite lovely, isn't it?


Barry said...

So nani! I see baby looseleaf lettuce getting some protection from the broccoli leaves, too, so they will fill in when the Romanesco is harvested. Very Akamai.

Julie said...

I think I may have over planted a bit but the romanesco is not complaining! All the brassicas are just beautiful this year.

Jane said...

Yes, a lovely Romanesco! The cabbage worm moths and their babies have been partying in my garden instead!

Julie said...

It's only a matter of time Jane...I saw a white butterfly flitting around the garden just before all this rain started!