Monday, November 16, 2009

Purple Rain Beans

It's raining again, on and off for most of the day. Between the showers i am able to gather a few handfuls of beans, long beautiful things called Purple Podded Pole Beans. The dark color makes them hard to miss amongst the green, heart-shaped foliage. As they slip into a pan of boiling water purple shifts to green, signaling the right time to plunge them into a bath of cold water. Chilled and bathed in a spicy roasted sesame dressing they are positively addictive. The vines, despite the wind, are just starting to reach for the top of their 6 foot trellis and have not bent to disease or insect pressure. Compared to their bush sized cousins, pole beans produce a smaller yield over a longer period of time making my four foot row just right for my garden.

Purple Podded Pole Beans, such an obvious name for these gorgeous amethyst hued jewels. i think i will call them my Purple Rain beans ; )

Source: Baker's Creek Heirloom Seeds

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