Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Runner Beans

i can hear the first of the winter rains falling now and hope the eight fat seeds i planted last Saturday will soon be swelling and sprouting. The beans are phaseolus coccinea, commonly called Runner Beans. They grow well in damp, rainy English weather and i am hoping that they will enjoy our cooler Kahakuloa winter well enough to grow for me. i have selected Potato Bean seeds, aka Aztec Half Runner Beans, to try this first time because i read that they will tolerate more warmth and drought than most Runners. A perennial bean, Runners are commonly grown in this country for their beautiful flowers alone. Potato Beans are usually picked as mature beans and used in soup but i am hoping that they will taste good as shellies and plan to try the snaps too.
The packet says vines will grow to three or four feet tall so my six foot trellis should be adequate.

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