Saturday, April 24, 2010

April 21 Tour

I received seeds for this papaya in a trade last year. It was supposed to a long green papaya but the seeds must have crossed. They are not the long ones but they are growing large and the tree is bearing only about 30" above ground, a very desirable trait since i am short!

You can see the wing beans which are growing to the right of these on my last post. The seeds from these plants came from Baker's Creek and just don't seem to want to grow.

My little Meyer Lemon tree has been bearing heavily all winter. i love this combination of blue and yellow.

When oh when will my shallots be ready? They have been taking up this patch of earth since last September!!

The Striped Bunch beans are looking really good.  The Pink Calendula i planted are no match for the Pacific Giants.

Yum, my favorite, Purple Passion aspargus. It is so sweet and tender that we have been eating it raw.

Wow, the potatoes are growing fast. i peeked under the straw today and found a few babies already.

This pretty plant is Black Cumin aka Nigella.  i saved seeds from last year's plants and was suprised to get really poor germination. Luckily a little goes a long way.

The Lacinato kale is only a few months old. i wonder how it will do during the summer months?


Jane said...

Hi Julie! I finally realized you had a blog! WOW your veggies and fruit look great! What is your elevation? The purple asparagus is just awesome - did you grow it from seeds or crowns?

My shallots look similar to yours except they are dying back but it could be the hot sun. The purple/blue flowers are beautiful and your kale and cabbage look great. I had to harvest all my cabbages and kale this month as the sun was starting to scorch the leaves.

Have you grown the wing beans before? I saw them in the Baker Creek catalog and thought they looked cool. Aloha! Jane

Julie said...

Hi Jane-
Yes, i have a blog, lol. I haven't really told anyone yet~i am still getting the hang of it!

My elevation is about 1200' feet, heat zone 5.

The aspargus crowns came from Johnny's last spring. I picked a first few spears for Thanksgiving Dinner last November. We can get at least two, maybe three harvest a year Jane, aren't we lucky?

This is my first year to grow kale. I had always thought of it as a cold weather crop but I know a guy in Haiku who claims his plants are two years old! We'll see...

I did grow a few wing beans last year and i really like them. I think they would grow well in Kihei. LMK if you'd like to try some seeds. The ones from my neighbor grow much better than the ones from BC.

So nice to talk to a fellow Maui gardener!

Jane said...

I've been thinking about growing asparagus and I had no idea there was a purple variety so now I'm really motivated to find a spot to plant some! We are really lucky to live here but the bugs make me nuts!

Yes, I'd like to try the wing bean seeds - they looked so intriguing in the BC catalog. I've been donating my extra seeds to Kihei Elementary as I didn't know any serious gardeners here. I have a whole bunch more to give away again. If you're interested let me know your email address and I'll put a list together for you.

Julie said...

Jane, you have mail.