Friday, April 16, 2010

Mid April in the vegetable garden

Musica Beans are reaching for the sky.

The first flowers have just appeared and are already starting to fade. Beans will not be far behind!

A few runner beans have resprouted at the feet of the Musica beans. Maybe they will find spring weather more to their liking.

i had to battle the wild hens for these but finally i have a good stand of Striped Bunch beans. Look closely to the left to see the first few short tendrils.  Striped Bunch are supposed to be the best for Dilly Beans.

The Portuguese cabbage has been growing merrily in the recent cool and rainy weather. Caterpillers like it too!

Wow, the potatoes are growing fast now.


The Opal Creek Golden Snap Peas are about 6 inches tall.

Sugar Magnolia Peas are still just young sprouts. i'm looking forward to trying purple podded peas in a few weeks.


Wing  Beans reached the top of their trellis a few weeks ago and are draping back down. Flowers, flowers but no beans yet. A repeat of last year. The Baker's Creek seed was planted to the left. Not very vigorous compared to the seeds from my friend.

Artichokes are still growing sideways. Should start reaching skyward soon. i wonder if i will have to wait until next year for buds?

We received about 6 inches of rain earlier this week. Unseasonably cold, needed the heater for the first time all winter.

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